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Recommended Stuff

Basenji links:

    Basenji Club of America information page (Great source of general information)

    Basenji Club of America homepage (Information and links)

    The Basenji Files (More information and lots of links)

    BCOA African Stock Project (Information on the recent African imports and their progeny)

    Zande Basenjis Pedigree Site (Sally Wallis has spent years developing a pedigree database where you can look up information on almost any basenji)

    The Basenji Health Endowment (Funds research and education re basenji health issues)


Basenji books/videos:

     BASENJI, OUT OF AFRICA TO YOU by Susan Coe (If you only buy one basenji book, make it this one)

     AKC BASENJI VIDEO (Introduces the breed and illustrates the breed standard in detail)

    The Basenji:  Stacked and Moving by Robert Cole (A technical illustrated analysis of the breed standard--hard to find)

     Goodbye, My Lady  (The classic old movie that hooked many of us oldsters on the basenji--rivals Old Yeller in my book as a coming-of-age movie and a tearjerker)

Training links:

    Association of Pet Dog Trainers (An educational association for humane pet dog training.  Geographical directory of trainers)

    Clicker Teachers (Geographical directory of clicker trainers)

    Karen Pryor homepage (Lots of clicker info:  books, conferences, training tools, and articles)

    Clicker Solutions (Information and links on clicker training)

Training books/videos:

     BEFORE YOU GET YOUR PUPPY by Dr. Ian Dunbar (Things to consider before you get a puppy and things to do when he first comes home)

     AFTER YOU GET YOUR PUPPY by Ian Dunbar (Covers the first critical months of a new puppy's life)

     SIRIUS PUPPY TRAINING (VIDEO) (Dr. Ian Dunbar demonstrates critical socialization and training for any puppy)

     PUPPY LOVE: RAISE YOUR DOG THE CLICKER WAY (VIDEO) (Karen Pryor shows how to help your puppy learn and bond with you using the clicker)

     CLICKING WITH YOUR DOG: STEP-BY-STEP IN PICTURES by Peggy Tillman (If you can only get one clicker training book, this is it--you can learn to train you dog even if you can't find an experienced clicker trainer to help you)

     CLICK TO WIN! CLICKER TRAINING FOR THE SHOW RING by Karen Pryor (Yes, you can teach your dog to show without jerking it around!  Your dog will love to show for you)

     CLICKER TRAINING FOR OBEDIENCE by Morgan Spector (Very detailed manual for training your dog for competition obedience)

     ON TALKING TERMS WITH DOGS: CALMING SIGNALS by Turid Rugaas (An easy-to-understand book that revolutionized our understanding of dog body language)

     CALMING SIGNALS: WHAT YOUR DOG TELLS YOU (VIDEO) (Turid Rugaas shows you how dogs communicate with each other and with us)

Health and nutrition links:

    BCOA Basenji Health Information (Discussions and links)

    BARFWorld (Dr. Ian Billinghurst's website.  Information on the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet.  Includes distributors of Dr. B's own products)

    OFA--Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (Health registry and searchable database for hip dysplasia and other disorders)

    CERF - Canine Eye Registration Foundation (Information on eye disorders, searchable database)

    Umbilical Hernia information (Interesting article which also discusses delayed closures)

Health and nutrition books/videos:

     ULTIMATE DIET: NATURAL NUTRITION FOR DOGS AND CATS by Kymythy Schultze (An easy-to-apply explanation of the raw-food diet--this is the one I give my puppy buyers)

     GIVE YOUR DOG A BONE by Dr. Ian Billinghurst (The most widely-known book on the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet)

     THE BARF DIET by Dr. Ian Billinghurst (A more recent, more user-friendly book that cuts to the chase)


     CANDLE, A STORY OF LOVE AND FAITH by Sally Ann Smith (A wonderful children's Christmas story about a basenji)

     SHAPER by Jessie Haas (About a 14-year-old boy who learns to bond with a new dog with the help of a positive-reinforcement trainer--appropriate for ages 10-14)

    Goodbye, My Lady by James Street (Hard to find, but worth it.  A very well-written classic coming-of-age novel which features a boy and a basenji)

Shopping links:

    Global Dog Graphics  has terrific basenji items, featuring Avuvis, basenji artwork, and fantasy items.  Certain  items benefit the Avuvi Project or the Basenji Health Endowment.  You can have items custom made to feature your own dog! All Things Dog!  (An amazing selection of dog books)


  (Clicker training books, videos, and stuff)

    Man's Best Friend Software ("The Breeder's Standard" dog information and pedigree database, which combined with "Netigree" produces the interactive pedigrees on the Dharian website)

Dog activities/competition links:

    American Kennel Club homepage (All sorts of info on registration, AKC breeds, and AKC competitive conformation, obedience, lure coursing, tracking, and agility events)

    International All Breed Canine Association (An affiliate of the Union Cynologie Internationale--UCI--which allows U. S. dogs to compete and earn titles in international-style events.  I love them because the judges must give you a written evaluation of your dog)

    American Sighthound Field Association (The original lure coursing association provides information on the sport of lure coursing and contacts for ASFA trials)

    Large Gazehound Racing Association (Although they aren't all that large, basenjis are eligible to compete in LGRA racing)