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Q and A 


  What do all the abbreviations mean?
  When do you have puppies available?
  What kind of health testing is done on your dogs?
 What do all the abbreviations mean?
Titles and acronyms: What do all the letters mean?

AKC: The American Kennel Club. Organization promoting purebred dogs. Registers purebred dogs, sanctions clubs and events, and offers titles in conformation, obedience, lure-coursing, and agility (as well as other events not open to basenjis).

Am.Ch.: American Champion. Same as Ch.--used with foreign-titled dogs.

ASFA: The American Sighthound Field Association. The oldest organization in the United States that sanctions lure-coursing events and offers titles.

AX: Agility Excellent: Third AKC agility qualification title.

AXJ: Agility Excellent Jumper: Third AKC agility jumpers-with-weaves qualification title.

BIF: Best in Field (lure coursing)

BIS: Best in Show (conformation)

BISS: Best in Specialty Show (conformation--not all breeds)

BOTB:  Turkey Run "Best of the Best"--top dog all breeds of the 4-day coursing competition.

CD: Companion Dog. First AKC obedience qualification title. 

CDX: Companion Dog Excellent. Second AKC obedience qualification title. 

Ch.: Champion. AKC conformation championship.

DC: Dual Champion. AKC for dogs who hold both FC and Ch. titles.

FC: Field Champion. First AKC lure-coursing championship title.

F.Ch.: Field Champion. First ASFA lure-cousing championship title.

HIT: High in Trial. Highest scoring dog, obedience).

Int.Ch.: International Champion. FCI or UCI international conformation championship.

JC: Junior Courser. First AKC lure-coursing qualification title. 

LCM: Lure Courser of Merit. Second ASFA lure-coursing championship title.

MBIF: Multiple Besti in Field (lure coursing).

MBIS: Multiple Best in Show (conformation).

MC: Master Courser: Third AKC lure-coursing qualification title.

NA: Novice Agility. First AKC agility qualification title.

NAJ: Novice Agility Jumper. First AKC agility junpers-with-weaves qualification title.

OA: Open Agility. Second AKC agility qualification title.

OAJ: Open Agility Jumper. Second AKC agility jumpers-with-weaves qualification title.

SC: Senior Courser. Second AKC lure-coursing qualification title. 

TD: Tracking Dog. First AKC tracking qualification title.

TDX: Tracking Dog Excellent: Second AKC tracking qualification title.

TRC:  Turkey Run Continuum:  the highest scoring dog of each breed in the prestigious 4-day coursing event.

UD: Utility Dog. Third AKC obedience qualification title.

UDT: Utility Dog Tracker. AKC title for dogs with both UD and TD titles.


 When do you have puppies available?
Basenjis usually come in season only once a year, so most basenji puppies are born in November, December, and January, although we occasionally have a spring or summer litter. Due to vaccination schedules and early socialization/training regimens, our puppies usually stay with us until they are at least 10 weeks old.

Prospective owners with reservations generally may pick their puppies at 8 weeks--in the order in which their deposits were made.

 What kind of health testing is done on your dogs?
All of our puppies are screened by a veterinary opthalmologist at 7-8 weeks of age to check for persistent pupillary membrane (PPM) and coloboma. Each year, we also have our older dogs (5 and above) checked for progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). Our breeding stock is x-rayed for hip dysplasia after they reach 2 years of age, and all dogs are screened for Fanconi syndrome bi-monthly from the time they are 3 years old. Our breeding stock is clear of hemolytic anemia (by direct testing or by heredity).  Beginning in 2007, all of our dogs will be tested using the new genetic linkage marker test for Fanconi Syndrome.  Carriers will only be bred to Clears, insuring that no Fanconi-afflicted dogs will be produced while we are awaiting the development of a direct test.  Our dogs' health results are listed on the OFA on-line database and in the
Canine Phenome Project database.  Both databases have their challenges, so please remember that we will provide certification numbers and documentation on all our dogs.